kundalini chakra

How Kundalini Chakra Helps With Effective Weight Loss

Kundalini is most often described as a coiled serpent sitting at the base of the root chakra’s spine. At the spiritual level, the Kundalini Chakra is a kind of life-giving energy that’s creative and healing. A practitioner may activate the Kundalini spontaneously, or during times of great duress such as severe emotional stress, extreme mental trauma and under massive injury following an accident or mishap.

Kundalini Chakra Activation

Other than in extreme situations, the Kundalini may be activated through regular meditation practices and yoga. An awakening via Kundalini is definitely possible when you are devout in spiritual development and take to heart holistic healing processes. Did you know that Kundalini chakra can be used to solve one of society’s greatest concerns today? It can help individuals lose weight effectively. Let’s delve deeper into chakras and how the Kundalini chakra plays a major role in overall  health and balance.

The reason for this is because Kundalini chakra awakenings by themselves affect your well-being, as well as your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state in a supernatural way. The individual undergoes a profound change while experiencing emotional and mental state awakenings, leading to weight loss and out-of-body experiences.

Chakras and You

Chakras manifest themselves as swirling energies that lie within the center of our bodies. They are energy centers that are positioned just along the spinal cord areas, where the nerve cells are most abundant. There are currently 7 main types of chakras, with each one connected specifically either to your spiritual, mental or physical self.


The root chakra is where the Kundalini lies. It’s one of the lower chakras which keep you grounded. Remember that the Kundalini awakening can be activated at any time; as the energy rises, the physical and spiritual aspects are purified, and its blockages cleared. Furthermore, the Kundalini passes through vital chakra stages such as the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, the third eye and finally, the crown chakra. The process is so powerful that it takes considerable energy and effort to awaken. But once mastered, these 7 essential chakras can lead the way to healthy weight loss.

Remember that our chakras respond to what we experience each day. It feels the energy that we receive as we go through our environments, as we speak and interact with the people around us. If our chakras are balanced and clear, then we engage life in the most positive ways. This is why it’s so important to have a balanced, healthy and healed chakra system. A kundalini chakra system that’s out of balance can be destructive in emotional and physical aspects. Specific body organs are aligned with specific chakra levels. When that chakra level is disrupted, then it’s not long before we experience weakness in that particular organ. It directly impacts our bodies’ ability to keep healthy and maintain optimal weight.

The Seven Chakras That Can Help With Weight Loss, Well-Being and Emotions

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Our root chakras are located at the base of our spine. This level of chakra is mainly connected to our security and safety, on how we feel supported and the sense of belonging. A heavy, unsettling feeling in the belly means there may be unresolved issues in the aspects of belonging and security. But when our root chakras are healed and in optimal condition, we gain the motivation to take good care of our body and actively watching what we eat.


Our sacral chakras can be found below the navel area. This level of chakra is mainly connected to our sexuality, emotional balance and all our relationships with other people. An out of balance sacral chakra probably means there’s depression or strong, negative emotions running within the body. It could get out of hand and lead to overeating and unhealthy cravings. But when our sacral chakras are healed, we can safely control food cravings and excessive eating, addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.


Our solar plexus chakras are located just below the rib cage. This level of chakra is mainly connected to our strength and personal power. This chakra level is also responsible for maintaining blood sugar levels and the pancreas, both essential components in weight management. An individual who is overstressed produces too much insulin, which is converted to fat. We usually feel a lack of control when the solar plexus chakra is blocked. But when our solar plexus chakra is well and healed, we gain a feeling of power and the motivation to be healthy becomes strong. The solar plexus chakra is essential to effective weight loss because imbalances usually lead to weight issues, digestive problems, food allergies and eating disorders.


Our heart chakras are located at the center of our hearts. This level of chakra is mainly connected to how we receive and give love. It’s what we use for feeling compassion and forgiveness towards other people, including ourselves. As you may have known, the act of forgiveness does a lot to heal unresolved emotions. Furthermore, the heart chakra governs the adrenal glands and the immune system. If blocked or unhealed, individuals tend to be self-centered in love and eat too much.


Our throat chakras can be found in the throat area. Being a vocal chakra center, it’s mainly connected to communication and how we ask for what we need, how we speak and how we understand, and how we speak the truth. The throat chakra is associated with the thyroid gland. If unbalanced, then the metabolism process slows down, which directly affects the body’s ability to burn excess fat.


Our third eye chakras are located just between our eyes, slightly above in the forehead area. This level of chakra is mainly connected to our intuition and wisdom. Listening to what our bodies really need and trusting ourselves is essential to maintaining a healthy third eye chakra level. When we are in tune with our higher selves we become more aware of our overall health and well-being.


Our crown chakras are located at the top of our head, which is often called the crown. This level of chakra is mainly connected to consciousness, knowledge, active and passive thought. It’s also where we connect to our spiritual selves. A harmony within this chakra allows us to ascend to higher spirituality levels and access greater life force energies.

The western methods of weight loss is mainly about increasing exercise and reducing the calories we eat. It’s not always successful though, because unstable factors such as discipline, motivation and food management can lead to not enough exercise or excessive eating. Kundalini chakras, however, deal with the blockages within our chakra levels to achieve long-lasting and effective weight loss treatment. As you gain greater control over your chakra, you’ll start to be aware of how you should eat and control food binges. Furthermore, balanced chakras allow you to live your life according to how you want it instead of being at the mercy of external circumstances.